Jimenez Cigars, is a U.S. based tobacco company. Which provides handmade premium cigars with organic tobacco blends. Our tobacco is cultivated in one of the worlds most elusive tobacco fields in the Dominican Republic. By implementing a youthful style, an elegant appeal with eccentric flavors, our brand has captured the taste of many people. Besides having connections with the top tobacco fields, we have developed relations with award winning tobacco field owners and the top cigar rollers. We have taken the bull by the horns to build a company that considers tradition, ignites creativity, and evokes knowledge. These beliefs are what causes us to flourish.

The perfect blend between classic and modern; adding creativity, passion and love into every cigar. Using only the purest organic tobacco sourced from Dominican soils. Our company mission is to inspire knowledge and instill-tradition crossing generations to create a long lasting legacy.
"Bienvenidos a la Familia"

Our goals are to launch the first generation of Handmade Dominican Cigars in the New York City area. Using complex blends and modern marketing strategies to impact our market in a new and innovated way. By building a bridge that connects our industry with outside markets such as: Hospitality Groups, Media & Entertainment,  and other unconventional organizations.  Our Focus is to present a traditional product with revolutionary service, and a refined style. In the end, our inevitable goal is to impact our city, so that we can impact the cities of the world.